Animation in Corporate Video Production

October 27, 2017 by

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Animation allows you to approach the promotion of your brand with unlimited imagination, with the added bonus of maintaining a cost-effective video production. There are several ways we use…

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Immersive Video Technologies as Marketing Applications

October 19, 2017 by

Business experiential marketing Features News Uncategorized 360 video augmented reality virtual reality

The development of virtual reality technology in the past few years, and of 360-degree video in general, has led to a largely untapped new medium for businesses to promote their products and…

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Why Businesses Need Professional Video Production Services

October 13, 2017 by

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Professionally produced videos are differentiated by their high quality and effectiveness. Here, we explore some of the elements that contribute to professional-quality video content. At ASL…

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How and Why We Use Green Screens

October 05, 2017 by

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Utilizing green screen production techniques, whether in a traditional or live production setting, provides a lot of flexibility in post-production.

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