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We’ve spoken before about how opening your event’s doors for a professional video crew can elevate your brand and capture a moment in time, among other marketing-related benefits. The trend of repurposing event videos has made video event coverage a must, while ensuring that your event lasts well beyond its final banquet.


Whether used later for testimonials, recruiting videos, or marketing videos, the video coverage done at an event can function to tell the broader story of a company and its mission. While event video packages differ, due to the size and scale of the event, event video has proven to be a vital piece of the event itself.


"When done right, event videos should both keep the momentum of the event going and draw an even bigger crowd to next year’s event."


In 2018, 81% of businesses used video as a marketing tool, which was up from 63% the previous year. And as mobile video and streaming platforms continue to mushroom outward, video is likely to dominate visual marketing practices for years to come. Bringing a crew into your event is just the start. We’ve laid out some strategies on how to get the most value out of your event video package.


Highlight Reels Make Your Event Sizzle


The absolute staple of all event videos is the sizzle highlight reel. Any event from a tech expo to a corporate conference to the Super Bowl itself produces a one to two-minute highlight reel recapturing the experience through a brief, high-energy video. Through featuring key sound bites, and crowd reaction shots, sizzle videos aim to package the essence of the event and store it as a time capsule. But unlike your average time capsule, most sizzle reels are meant to be seen right away.






While some top-tier producer/editor combos can deliver a final sizzle by event’s end, the time frame on a sizzle reel can extend the event long past its end. That is, until it’s time for next year’s event. Regardless, sizzles are used throughout the calendar year as great marketing tools for a company to use on their social media feeds. When done right, these videos package the excitement and personalities that drove the event, which will ultimately reflect your company culture itself, and be a great tool for marketing future events.


Live-Stream Videos Keep Viewers Rapt


It doesn’t seem that long ago when the only way to transmit a live-stream was through an expensively equipped process that included vans, satellite dishes, and a whole mess of cables and adapters. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore. The new era of live-streaming is user-friendly, low-hassle, and designed to reach a wider audience than ever before. On top of that, live-streams are wildly effective, with 67% of viewers being more likely to buy tickets to next year’s event.


Not every event necessarily requires a live-stream, though. Typically, events featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, and special guest performers work best in this format. Being able to build excitement ahead of time via Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube can work in your favor to bring in the most viewers. (Tip: For best results, start promoting the stream within 24-hours of going live. That’s when most streaming platforms allow you to post the stream link.)


live-stream video


Studies have proven that viewers are likely to spend 8x longer watching live video than recorded video. And with more live video platforms than ever before, there’s no better time to hop aboard the live-streaming craze. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Vimeo are proven hubs for live content. But for those who really want to make it personal, you can embed your live-stream right onto your company website itself. Regardless of the method, live-streaming has become an indispensable tool for engaging with viewers from their office chair, or their sofa at home.



Social Media Keeps the Event Going All Year


We understand, social media video is everything nowadays! Instagram’s story features, Facebook and LinkedIn’s embedded video support, and Twitter’s on-the-pulse community have made social media an inescapable hub for marketers. Spreading the word about your event has never been easier, and revisiting the memories has never been more convenient. With a video production company at your event, you’ll be equipped with a pool of content to promote your event until next year’s rolls around.




Repurposing video content for social media keeps the event going as long as you want it to, and a great place to start is with sound bites. Throughout the weekend, interviews, panel discussions, and lecturers will be producing great sound bites that highlight the event’s festivities. Outside of sizzle highlight reels, sound bites lend themselves perfectly to social media cuts. 15, 30, and 60-second clips have become the standard for Instagram and Snapchat users to get a quick recap of the event. 


Either way you look at it, if you’re looking to build brand recognition and get eyes on your video content, repurposing it on social media is the right bet.


Looking Forward to Next Year…


By event’s end, many of the attendees are looking forward to future company events. When done right, event videos should both keep the momentum of the event going and draw an even bigger crowd to next year’s event. Through making use of sound bites, drone footage, and reaction shots, event coverage videos can build hype and excitement and even be valuable when seeking sponsors for future events.


Events vary, and so do video packages. Special requests and projects can certainly be made way for in order to deliver a custom event video experience. Regardless, opting for a video production crew will yield far more benefits when planning ahead to a bigger, and better event next year.



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