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Knocking your digital marketing strategy out of the ballpark requires hitting on several levels: whether it’s through video, social media, or a dynamic visual presence. Between social media platforms and company webpages, visual content has more places than ever to live. With these endless spaces, graphic designers have become indispensable players in the digital marketing world. If you can get the most out of their talent and expertise, it will truly work wonders in your marketing efforts.

We’ve written before about how it’s becoming popular for businesses to go out of house with digital marketing. It can be an effective way to market your brand long-term and get the highest quality around-the-clock work for less. Among these digital marketing services, you’re getting a graphic designer who offers a stock-pile of resources and a skillset that can be utilized by your company creating place to go for all of your design needs.

When going out of house with something like graphic design, it’s difficult to grasp what deliverables that will specifically include. Here, we’ve laid out some of the best uses that you can get out of a graphic design package, and how you can go beyond the norms to build a memorable visual campaign.


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Marketing Materials


For small and large companies who want to take advantage of marketing, having a graphic designer on your side is a must. Understanding the necessity of brand consistency is key to a cohesive marketing plan and your designer can shape how your brand reaches the masses.

Advertisements are made catch viewers eyes. They should be crisp, informative and grab your attention. Paid ads should feel natural to the viewer as well as unobtrusive. So, whether the ads play YouTube or are embedded in a social media feed, make sure they first intrigue the viewer, before offering a call-to-action that brings them to your website.

Good Graphic designers know how to accomplish this better than anyone. Because of this the Graphic Design team offered as part of your outsourced Digital Marketing team a critical marketing expert and has value far beyond drawing and logos.


Pitch Decks and Presentations


Everyone uses pitch decks: from universities and non-profits, to small businesses and large-scale corporations. Pitch decks are usually decorated with brand color scheme and logos, and they should feel like a testament to a brand’s identity and spirit.

Platforms like PowerPoint and Keynote have made it easy for everyone to make a deck that’s at least somewhat presentable. But, when dealing with business proposals, “somewhat” isn’t enough. Pitch decks should be dressed to impress and doing that may require bringing in an outside designer to help you achieve your proposed mission.

Take a look at some of the best pitch decks made by today’s biggest companies. Across the board they are bold, confident, and designed with the companies’ branding in mind. While pitch decks are driven by language and presentation, the visual can’t be overlooked. A skilled graphic designer will be able to work with you to finesse your pitch deck into a sleek vision that fits your brand like a well-tailored suit.

Along with the layout of a pitch deck, the custom graphics and charts provided by a designer are the extra touch that can make your presentation much more memorable to your audience.

You can always go out to hire someone to work on materials needed to make your pitch decks shine, but by utilizing a digital marketing partner that you have access to every day, you will never again be left reaching for materials with a last minute deadline looking.


"...graphic designers have become indispensable players in the digital marketing world. If you can get the most out of their talent and expertise, it will truly work wonders in your marketing efforts."




Custom infographics are popping up more and more as LinkedIn is becoming the world’s professional hub. Charts, studies, and creative visual graphics are becoming key for not only companies, but for entire industries. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And for businesses, an informative infographic should tell a story and make a case for doing business: all in one eye-catching, organized frame.

Ever purposeful, infographics can be used on social media, in promo videos, sales pitches, and at conferences. Let’s face it, people are tired of seeing boring charts declaring sales figures and market trends. You want a designer on your team that can make infographics that are educational, while also being interactive and ultimately delivering a swift call-to-action. So, next time you think about posting a stat on your social media site, bear in mind all the creative possibilities that can be explored through infographics (and even video infographics/animations).


Social Media Design


We mentioned earlier the importance and value of consistency when branding. Brands go to great lengths to find a color scheme, logo, and typeface to match their identity. That’s why it’s not surprising to see brands develop images called social media skins to add some color and pop to their pages. But what is a social media skin and why should you consider it?


"A skilled graphic designer will be able to work with you to finesse your pitch deck into a sleek vision that fits your brand like a well-tailored suit."


Social media skins come in several forms. The most popular is as a cover photo and side border to your social page. Using a generic border or a staff photo are the common space fillers on these sites, but there are creative uses of this space that can work better for your brand. Constantly updating your skins with new taglines, special offers, data, and quotes can make the most of your space and give your brand homepage a polished, professional look.

Another way we’re seeing skins used are in social media posts themselves. Job postings and customer quotes are two popular ways we’re seeing this done. By inserting text into pre-designed graphic frames, you’re making eye-catching posts, but you’re also establishing a consistent format that’s unique your brand. Regardless of how you choose to use social media skins, it’ll take a skilled designer to create and update the look throughout your campaign and beyond.


Blog Images


We all agree that stock images are boring, expensive (though cheap looking) and repetitive. And with every company now creating their own blogs, and original content, it’s upsetting to see them constantly recycling the same bland images and title cards. If you’re running a company blog, it’s time to think seriously about sourcing a designer to complement it with fresh, relevant graphics.

Luckily, most of the earlier graphics we’d mentioned (quotes, skins, infographics and charts) can be inserted in a blog post. But to get the most out of your blog post, you’ll want high quality images and title graphics to guide your post along. Throwing in enlarged quotes and pictures can be great here and there, but having that extra decorative touch can work to support your blog points, while also steering clear of the dreaded stock image.


"Digital Marketing specialists are out there to help you with what you need and what is specifically right for your company."


Banners/Swag for Events


So, we’ve explained how a customized design presence can affect your brand’s presence on social media, your company blog, pitch deck and paid ads. But after this barrage of digital content, will there be anything physical to show for it?


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Your company’s presence at corporate events, trade shows, and conferences still relies a lot on visual presentation. Banners, booths, flyers, and company swag all have to be designed by someone, right? While you could throw together some pamphlets online, or source the task out to a friend, your best bet lies with a graphic designer. Just as they are through pitch decks and paid advertising content, first impressions are everything! Having a design team to call on at anytime for a corporate event is essential to managing a brand and making a statement.


Why Do I Even Need a Design Team?


In a time where practically everyone entering the job market is capable of putting together a somewhat presentable banner or graphic, it’s easy to grow lazy and throw brand assets on the table at the cheapest convenience. But just as more and more people are becoming design literate, the masses are also becoming more critical of quality of the work put out.

So, if you’re a brand looking to capitalize on your digital marketing content, it’s probably wisest to not take shortcuts. That being said, you don’t need to shell out a salary on a full-time in-house designer to get top-notch visual assets. Digital Marketing specialists are out there to help you with what you need and what is specifically right for your company. Whether it’s only paid ads, or a combination of skins and infographics, design teams can work with you to provide a consistent, alluring look to go along with your branding vision.


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